About Me

I graduated from Ball State University in 1982 with a BS. I hold a certificate to teach Visual Arts K-12. My original ambition was to work in high school. I was very inspired by my high school art teachers and wanted to share this experience and bring it forward. I worked at Shelbyville High School in Indiana my first year of teaching and enjoyed the position immensely. However, circumstances led me to move to New Jersey and began to search for another high school position. There were no openings at that level so I took a part time job at Tenafly Middle School, grades six through eighth and also covered a few of the drawing classes at the high school.  In 1985 I found an opening for a K-8 art teacher and applied for the position. I have worked here ever since. I presently teach grades five through eight. I never had the desire to work with the younger children, but it didn’t take long for me to find them both endearing and intriguing. It has been a challenge to work with so many different ages, but it has also brought many pleasures to my life.